Audrey Rose
Photo: Audrey Rose
  • Photo: Audrey Rose
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Weddings P Your Day, Your Way

Flawless weddings to remember always.
We consider it a great privilege to share this momentous day with you and yours.
Weddings are all about love—so shouldn’t you love your wedding? À la Carte is here to make that happen.

Your dream comes true.
We work with you to custom-create an event that reflects the personalities, values and tastes of you and your partner. We offer creative touches—and practical ways to fulfill your dreams for your day. We cover every aspect from fabulous food and drink to inspirational tables and final favors.

We know every couple has a budget—so we’re ready to help with a range of services from a relaxed reception to an extended wedding weekend. Whether you envision contemporary elegance or traditional family warmth—or both!—we’ll help you find its perfect expression.

Count on us to put every element in place.
We’ve woven together a robust and reliable network of providers for every wedding product and service. From the flowers to the first dance music, from the photographers to the ideal settings, even the right color horse, we have you covered.

When you are looking for a happy beginning, it's A la Carte!


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