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Creating Your Custom Event with Us

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Thought for Food Questions

Date and time
Picture your event in the morning, afternoon or evening—which do you see as ideal?

Purpose of event
Wedding? Reunion? Holiday? Take a moment to jot down anything special to keep in mind about the milestone or guest of honor—would the bride love a tea-party shower, or is she a huge hockey fan? Is this a birthday for a 3-year old fireman?

Is it a corporate or professional event?
Is it for business or division, or for a network, association or charitable organization?

Location or desired venue
If it’s not in your home or offices, jot down some ideas for places you’d love to have your event—or simply the type of place you have in mind.
If you need some inspiration, check out our list of venues here.

Include here the approximate number of people as well as any specifics about the group—will there be children there, is it a business crowd, will they need any accommodations or special considerations?

What type of service do you wish?
Cocktail, buffet, sit-down dinner, reception, brunch, or something more?

Would you like entertainment?
Do you prefer live music? Classical or dance? Or a DJ or other entertainer?

What other services might make your event special?
Here are just a few to get you started: Lighting, limo, valet parking, bartending, coat check, flowers, gift bags, cleanup.

What is the approximate range you’d like to spend?
Think about your total budget, not just food or venue. We can tailor the entire event.