Holiday Festivities Make the Seasons Sparkle

For a Gathering to Remember, Invite À la Carte
Why have just a party, when for the same effort you can have an event?  Add coordinated menus, décor and more, and you’ll be hosting a gathering your guests will remember for years.  With our complete attention to every aspect of event planning and catering, À la Carte makes it easy. 

Best of all, you won’t be dashing through the snow—you’ll have time to relax at your own party, enjoying the company of  your friends and loved ones. 

Covering Corporate and Social Events from Dinners-to-Go to Full-Service Catering and Event Design

• Christmas Galas
• Christmas Dinners at Home 
• New Year's Celebrations
• New Year's Breakfast
• Halloween
• Thanksgiving Dinner at Home 
• Easter Dinner at Home
• Mother's Day Dining
• Valentine Dinner Events
• Personal Picnics
• Sporting Events
• Independence Day

Celebrate Your Holidays with Experience and Taste!